Irrationally Rational Rationale fighting with myself...

People say... it's so hard to love a narcissistic fiend
So I came to break the back of one of those whomever I mean
It seems he's been rocking off his rocker galore, n' lost all rationale
I found it odd because his behavior so irrational just makes my mind swell
I find comfort in restoring sight to the blind, from my mind so 'Ear-Rational'

There he was, spitting...
(as he likes to call it) his 'plague' boomed sonic...
like it was the bubonic, yet I refer to it more like drag
dagg, it's such drab gibberish it could really use some Blue Bonnet on it

This mistiful miscretin misaligned by his internal chime,
spits his slick slime but he should've stayed in line
better yet, safely tucked away behind enemy lines,
becuz going Rambo like that only proved he was out of his maggot mind

See, it's not that he's without just cause...
just take a gander at his cohorts Big Balls
frostin' the verb stalls, as they stay stagnant 'gainst word walls
they all walk around, lame, near insane, it's a common scene
whenever you hear the calls chantin' their 'leader's name,
he's Their Thinker...Ha, what a joke, how's that possible without a brain?

Now me? Well that's why I can flow so fluently,
I'm the marksman of verb the executioner of noun,
folks from all over stop and listen when I speak
my heat seepin'... seekin to strike a nerve
I serve my swerve to the dome,
hittin' it home wit a curve to catch every word
n' it's not bragging... when you illuminate and out shine the Sun's light
as they say hey, it's not my fault I iradicate the 'not so bright, right?
I'm simply far too hot even when walking among the 'dead of starz might'
I'm always aflight at night...

so anyone would agree, this ink it's just too irrational to see,
thru this sight

The Ear-Rational One, deading flames of the insane,
I'm paintin' artistically arcane for the fragile brain
so to all others who came with lame frames to 'wit' standdown,
n' don't fight youngsters... I emit a 'write light'
that's too damn much, and far too bright... l.o.l.


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Omega Jan 17, 2013 at 6:08pm
No meds this day huh?
But i love your crazy side...
Poeticizer . Jul 17, 2012 at 12:34am
Enjoyed this quite as much a fav indeed
bubble.Gutz.brown Jul 15, 2012 at 11:54pm
This was the bees wax! showy and a bit boasty, but it counted for something ..write on!
$WEETEST_GIRL Jul 15, 2012 at 10:38am
i love your flow so much! its dope!!
Winter Goddess Jul 15, 2012 at 8:35am
Lol...please tell me there is a reason behind this madness...or yet better who tap this,nut on the shoulder...Haha this was awesome dude..






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