I am the participant in this statistic
Motivating this frog in my throat
So that I may speak
The one who has allowed my heart
To negotiate
Placing my emotions on the back burner
Next to my filtered soul
Struggling to breathe because the little space I still have
Is cluttered with a syndrome I can't
Yet diagnose
Becoming my own doctor
I know why my heart beats muzzled
Trapping my mind in a box
With a lid that has 3 wholes
As if I'm some kind of animal
Living off of 23 minutes of oxygen a day
Dazing in and out
I sit here thinking of you to fill my day to day life
Watching flowers bloom I still see you
Placing rainbows in the spaces that used to be you
I try so hard not to cry over you
But I know that I am my own worst nightmare
Setting myself up for failure
I should have known from the beginning
I am ready for this pain to end
But my mind resists the scripts
I put together in order to regain my own minds sanity
Sometimes I feel like
Being right takes too long
So I deal with the wrong
Hilarious isn't it the way my mind works
I am at my emptiest
Unfulfilled yet again


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Femi Dayo Aug 16, 2010 at 4:54pm
why are you always able to know whats in my heart...thats how i feel
Lyrical Fantasy Aug 16, 2010 at 4:46pm
awee i love this great right
fav line "i am at my emptiest unfulfilled yet again"