The reluctance to give felatio and the increasingly attractive lobster - A story picture

I am writing a thousand heads with a lobster on the first a lady lays upon the last and yawns
"It is so uncomfortable to lay on a head" a man approaches her with plans to give her his.
He lays facing her on his side on the head before hers "I have come from far away I was told
there was a woman who insisted on laying on a head I want to give you comfort" he reached out and stroked
her nipples with his fingers "So that is the comfort you came for" a face on a wall outside
this picture on the left looked in "The man on the left warned me of men who would take advantage
when I only have a lobster nearby" The man looked to the left to the face and said "Won't the
face protect you?" The lady, low, told him "He is a voyeur he is wise and wise to protect his

The moon at the top right was fed and it was full. Filled by a frail woman who had her reasons
for being there but she will not be mentioned till when she reacts

The man now has a name I will call him dog

The lady will be called cat

Dog cupped and squeezed cats breast with his paw

"That will please him Did it please you too"

The face on the left has his eyes made bigger

"It did, it is so long since it has been squeezed"

Dog presented his penis thick and with a thick head to it

"Would you squeeze me in return"

She held its head in her paw and squeezed it gently

This scene is prolonged for my own pleasure until I am empty

"Would you take it to your lips would you taste it"

Cat shook her head

"That is unfair and the voyeur has warned me of those who spread disease I am
not a picture of a woman lying on a head I am a human"

Such a fussy dog he walked to the first head and fed himself to the lobster

Cat and the old woman were disgusted

the voyeur watched.


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