Little Bit Crazy

I'm more than terrified
more than shaking
Horrified that i might have feelings for you
Horrified that i might get to ahead of myself
dream of you and no one else
Yeah I'm crazy, just a little maybe
My memory sometime is hazy
But you asked things about me
Like how my heart skips a beat when there attention
drawn towards me
Or how the view of the world is different for me
Seeing everything like the sky is blazing purple
and the grass lilac blue
Then you stare back like none of this make since to you
I explain how i don't wait you to just be here with me but
to understand me
embrace my world
We speak how we in-vision our dreams
I want my name to be remembered
to be in the corner of everyone minds
to last past changing times
When you say you wanna leave
you see a tear roll down my cheek but I see
the building on fire
Me getting up flipping over the table
Kicking you in the chest
Better pray, your luck almost ran out
I was aiming for your face
Tossing others tables that stare and gaze
Bust a bottle over the head of security
As i run away leaving my tears behind me
Then back to reality
I wipe my tear
And your no longer sitting there
I laugh a insane laugh
then i laugh louder when i walk out
This the end LIGHTS OUT


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