Shake Me to Sleep

Rattle me to sleep
On a saddle that I keep
Tucked beneath painted streets
Where we drifted to the sheets

You were lost around the steps
Where I promised I would let,
You go
You go farther than I Am
I told you I loved you,
i am no less of this man
That I've become
Ill strum this guitar that I've strung
And where common people do walk
I stride into a run

And run into a wall
I hit and then I fall
When I retrace my steps, and ask,
Was it worth it all, at all

I promise to give more, than I know that you've been given
Was the cost of this dream worth more than the cost of livin

And now it's just a memory
A sky beneath the clouds
Around the moment that you've discovered and thenfound
A photograph an autograph
I sign with shaking hands
A hand with a tremble
shook more than I had planned

I hope you understand
I hope you comprehend
The lies that you imported
Had brought me unto this end


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