Third world countries

Three sweaty Mexican children
Riding on one giraffe
Then the three wise men
Smoking from one carafe
Interesting thoughts of
Interesting dreams
Isn't that..
the same thing?
We salute our rotting brains
But that's how we avoid migraines
Let it be
So we can see
Why they're on only one giraffe
Simply because they can
But can't share one calf
Because they need more than half
Why do we fight there presence
If they bring us presents?
That they paid for with
Their own earned allowance
Cash not checks
But they are
The usual suspects
And loyal subjects
Never do you hear them object
So why do you subject
Them of treasonary manslaughter
Without 'laughter' there is no s'laughter'
And without laughter
There's no after
Without after
There's no after party
Then there's no fun
In 'fun'eral
So why are they only on one?
You ask politely I'm sure
I tell you why it's done
To train the giraffe
And the carafe you ask?
It's only fun
Now my story is done
Crack open a cold one


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