Shoot First (Trayvon Martin)

Shoot first
Crying later
Another victim of hate
Wearing a hoodie

Walking home while being black
Shot down in the streets
Screaming loud someone HELP ME!
No more crying out
Silence no more words

Watching the news
How sad it is seeing a 17 years old boy
Getting killed for walking home alone
Ending up another victim

Praying for justice to get serve
We got to stop violence
Put them weapons on the shelf
Not good for people health

Shoot first asking questions later
Why did you kill him for
Why because he was black
Stop stereotyping and statistilizing
We can't wear hoodies now
Because you might be the next one

Shoot first

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seppygpoetry Mar 30, 2012 at 10:12am
i couldnt agree more great rite bro! ima make a response to this






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