I wanna be Alone(Jus leave me alone)

by Jaquin
Im not happy right now
i dont want to talk about it because i dont know how
im not gone pick up my phone
dont knock on the door of my home
jus leave me alone

ill be okay
i need a personal day
because right now everything is gray
pay me no attention because attention dont pay
jus leve me alone

not trying to be mean
jus let me go thru this thing
i wanna step away from the secne
im still a kid im only 18
jus leave me alone

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BAby Jae Apr 30, 2012 at 12:52am
can feel the frustration in this piece, I have many days I feel this way, but then there always seems to be that one person who gets thru and seems to help me with wat I a gong thru. love this ik spillage and a fav.
Much Luv, A Jae