Personal Introduction

by Willow
Concentrating under water Just as likely as he found me
where she said for me to go and sit cross legged by the sea
I sat cross legged by the sea condemned by all his paper burns into
my skin outside my sin I sat cross legged by the sea
My liberation from this wicked world depends on what he breaths
Still he has yet to come to breath Still I'm cross legged by the sea
And as I sat Before me sat a weeping willow in my hands
I was damned to lose her long ago but still she claims me as I am
And as I sit before me sits the weeping willow in my hands
Who was damned to lose me long ago Because we had seen our naked self
Concentrating under water just as likely as the inchworm
gushing sacci between my coffe stained lips
and a prophet of he became we And as the inchworm motioned
to his motion I found it hard to breath
Still I could see his mask uncertain to his face upon the worm
Ejaculation!Fell the sacci from my lips in which they raped
Apauld was he to my dismay upon me the sea
He thrusted at me
Holy Father!Holy Messiah!Jesus Christ! But he does not hear me
As his paper burns into my skin the reapings of my sins
Oh can't you hear we! Raged the weeping willow Evanescent becomming my hands But he will not see!Here comes the sea!Terrified I sucked the willow back into me Then no longer was I cross legged by the sea.Nor was the sea hovering me

Where my mother as she proclaimed to me that he would be to rescue me
Form this wicked world of which I've been
Bereft by only my hates within!

And now I find I had cursed myself all along.

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Tiku Aug 2, 2010 at 5:30am
well written.real spiritual on you aregreat talent.