Guilty Until Proven Innocent

As I stand before the Judge
She says...

"Mr. Maddox you have been summoned
to my courtroom for the crimes you've committed
We've obtained circumstantial evidence
But the court knows you did it

Your fate lies with the court
And in the hands of the jury
And we know your not innocent
You'll be convicted surely

So let's save the court time
my minds made as you can see
But I'll ask the question anyway
How sir do you plead?"

Your honor I'm no bad man
But a man yet I am
I'm not always the best at what I do
But I always do the best I can

Yes, I've made mistakes
As a man I will admit
But these charges I face are bogus
And my punishment is a sentence that does'nt fit

I refuse to just give in
Me standing for my beliefs is a must
So how can your messed up past
Warrant me a lifetime of distrust

Then all other accusations
Which would be sure to give me more time
Are a case of mistaken identity
I wasn't even at the scene of the crime

You have not one witness
And all circumstantial evidence
Then try to force self-incrimination
To me that makes no sense

Now judge you've done somethings too
And I understand your not on trial
But if your perfect I'd love to switch shoes
Just so I can walk your miles

And what happen to my right of privacy
I see you have records to my phone
You mean to tell me my conversations
Are more interesting then your own?

There are so many doing much worst
But yet I have to take the stand
Cause your more focused on what I'm not
Instead of being thankful for what I am

A loving father, role model
And I provide the best I can
To me everything I'm not
Made me everything I am

I feel if I were to plead guilty
It would be for having the mentality of a man
And sharing love with a female
Who I find difficult to understand

And if that's the case you build
Then all men deserve bids
So why don't you find one
That doesn't take care of his girl and kids

Your honor you hold my fate
But I've never done you filthy
So whether you believe me or not
I plead not guilty

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YoungKiss Oct 23, 2012 at 9:06pm
Good shit...I wrote something similar called "Deaf Justice." I'm sure you'll dig it...