Turn The Page

by Keshia

Why I love him so much,
Is it because I'm in a love rush?
Whatever it is, I'm going to fix this,
Or have him to think about what he missed.
He claims that home is where I need to be,
Now what he has done to me.
All I really wanted was some love and time,
Instead of having other girls in his mind.
He claimed that he'll do right,
Until he made me cry.
I began to realize that love hurts like hell,
Feels like I'm in a Heartbreak Hotel.
Now, that he begs me not to turn the page,
I can see through his eyes that he has changed.
Although his love was good enough,
He even got a promise ring in his truck.
Now that's not over and done,
We'll make love till the morning comes.

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Coko Phantysii Feb 25, 2009 at 1:35pm
I love this Write!!! Break Up 2 Make Up, The Story Of My Life lol....definately going 2 be a favorite of mine, 10 stars on this piece and keep em comin!
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